Today was representative of what I thought this week would be like. We had gently rolling hills most of the day. The weather was even better for the first 3 hours. My speed wasn’t what I thought, but that’s because I still have a tremendous reverence for the hills.

I rode pretty much all alone today. I saw 3 or 4 other riders along the way but I never stayed with them. I got lost twice in the first 15 miles, and had 9 dogs chase me in the first 10 miles. Ten if you count the arthritic old dog that got up out of reflex. As I found my direction after the second missed turn, I blew my rear tire. While I was changing the tube at a Speedway, a guy pumping gas brought me a bottle of water and talked to me about this crazy thing I was doing. He’s a bike rider too and felt my flat tire pain.

Before the day was over I had gotten 3 flats. Guess it’s time for a new tire before tomorrow. for the last 2 hours of my ride I entertained myself with dinner plans for today and tomorrow. I already had the deep dish pizza and beer I wanted for tonight. Tomorrow it’s Charlie’s Hideout for Cheese Tweeties.

I just finished a massage – I was much less sensitive (sore) than on Monday. We’re going to have ice cream, then an early bedtime. The temperature is going to be high again tomorrow. Most of the hills are in the first half of the ride.

I am extremely glad that I skipped yesterday. I wish I had been smarter on Monday so it wouldn’t have been necessary. So far, I haven’t completed the full distance on any day. I’m down 5 for Monday (but it had 15 extra), 10 on Tuesday, 100 on Wednesday, and 32 today. Tomorrow’s my last chance to complete the route. Then there’s RAIN on Saturday!


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