I decided not to ride today. All of the veterans advised me to skip the day. It seemed as if many of them had been where I was and didn’t have anyone to stop them. As much as I hated it, it was the right decision. The heat was unbearable again and the humidity was higher. It finally rained this afternoon, just about the time that the riders started arriving. All of them got a little wet. My roommate took a spill on the slick pavement just outside the park. He was battered head to toe. Nothing serious but it looked bad. He’ll be stiff tomorrow.

Another thing the veterans started telling me today is that many of them take shortcuts throughout the week. Since the routes are generally the same from year to year, they have discovered places where one can cut a corner and save 10 miles or more. More than one has told me about the big shortcut tomorrow that will shave 30 miles. I made note just in case.

So my physical activity today consisted of hiking the trails of Spring Mill State Park. I visited Dawson’s Cave and toured the Gus Grissom Memorial. Grissom was born and raised in nearby Mitchell. After being outside for about an hour, I was feeling dehydrated. I spent the afternoon drinking water to try to get my balance back for tomorrow.

My legs are more sore than they’ve been since my first marathon. I haven’t had a cramp since getting up tho, so I’m back at it tomorrow (with the shortcut in mind). Today should have been the worst heat day of the week. Tomorrow may bring more rain. I heard about the terribly stormy years of RAINSTORM at dinner tonight. I hope not to have one to tell after tomorrow, but I’ll take rain over the blistering sun.


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