Are you wondering why anyone would do something like this? Yeah, me too. I and 40 other people are subjecting our bodies to something that would certainly qualify as abuse if anyone else did it. As an aside, I want to note that NONE of the organizers ride this event.

I forgot to mention that I fell over yesterday. It was one of those clip things that made me look like Ruth Buzzy. I didn’t remember it until today when I did it again.

So today’s ride was 99.5 miles from Brown County to Clifty Falls. I demonstrated tremendous respect, reverence even, for the hills. I shifted so much that I need to have my front derailleur adjusted. I didn’t even push on the flats. It was a pace that Robin Helmuth would put in his log as “RWW” – Ride With Wife. Unfortunately the hills were yesterday’s problem. Today’s problem was the triple digit heat index. I don’t know how they managed to build so many roads with absolutely no shade. I drank a lot and stopped frequently to get into air conditioned space. When I got to Hanover I knew that I was not going to finish on my own power for the second day in a row. Many of the sag wagoners from yesterday had already thrown in the towel by then and I was in danger of getting broomed in for being last. So I cheated. I cut 12 miles out of the route and finished 88, but I did it without a sag ride.

And what’s the deal with these state park inns? The Clifty Inn is at the top of a ridiculously long hill just like Abe Martin was in Brown County.

I rode the whole way without cramping but I’ve had cramps everywhere since getting here. I took an ice bath ( Brrr) then sat in the hot tub. No good. I can’t do anything without cramping somewhere. I’ve had foot, finger, stomach, arm, and all the leg muscles cramp. I’m pretty sure that I approached heat stroke today. I haven’t done any permanent damage, but I’m really starting to wonder about continuing.

Tomorrow we’re scheduled for 104 miles from here to spring Mill State Park on the west side of the state. I’m told the hills will be bigger than today but not as big as yesterday. The heat index is supposed to be higher as well. Should I just say no now?


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