Unfriending has Gotten Easier

I’m not a heavy Facebook user. My usage actually goes in spurts. I will login every day for several days then go more than a week without checking. I came off a long hiatus recently to find that I had been inundated by one friend in my network — and he wasn’t really a friend. He was an old high school classmate that I haven’t seen or spoken to since 1980. I decided right then to cut the cord. I figured out how to unfriend him. It was the first time I’d ever dropped someone from ANY social network. It felt good!

Once he was gone, I had this blood lust that whittled my Facebook friend count down below Dunbar’s number. Then I dropped a few more. It wasn’t as ruthless as it sounds. I had already decided that I would not include my business acquaintances in my Facebook friends. I have LinkedIn for that. I just removed people who surely didn’t care about me or my ramblings, and for whom the feeling was mutual. I kept some old high school classmates that I had become reacquainted with via Facebook. Same for some college buddies. I dropped all those people that I friended out of obligation rather than friendship.

And here’s the wild part: Since I did that, I’ve been more active on Facebook.


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