Old Age is a Terrible Thing to Happen to a Young Man

As I near the eligibility age for membership in the AARP, I’m starting to notice things that my mind and body are doing without my permission. The first was my eyesight. I spent years pretending that I could read words that I really was only able to guess from context. I finally went to see an optometrist and got fitted with “computer” glasses. I think that’s the vanity term for reading glasses these days. Not long after, I went whole hog for the bifocals. I still mostly carry them around but I’m coming to terms with glasses as a permanent addition to my wardrobe.

More recently, my memory has been the troublemaker. I used to forget little things (like taking out the trash on Friday morning). Any more I forget things so solidly that when the thought returns, it seems to be an entirely new thought rather than one I am again recalling.

All of this comes to me as I shop for birthday cakes for my staff. They are all hitting the dreaded 30. I recall my time in the Air Force when we referred to the colonels as “the old dudes.” I realize now that they were in their early 40s. It makes me wonder what my people say about me these days.

In the grand scheme, I guess getting old beats the alternative. It’s just so early for this to be happening to me.


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