Celebrating Good Times

On July 1st, Port-to-Port Consulting celebrated its 20th anniversary. We had a big Open House party out behind the building and invited everyone who has been a part of our two decades to come out and celebrate with us. Many people did, and they covered the entire 20 years from one of the last employees to leave here to my last boss before starting the business. I was overwhelmed by the number of people who have done their part, large or small, to keep my gainfully employed for such a long time.

This past weekend, I threw a backyard party in honor of Susie’s upcoming 50th birthday on Wednesday. Again, we invited people from all parts of her life, and many came out to wish her well (and make fun of her entry into senior citizenship). There were some of her friends from high school, and there were many of her co-workers today. It was another chance to reflect on how much we are loved and how many people are putting in efforts to make us successful.

This coming weekend, I get the chance to help others. I’ll be riding the 160 mile Ride Across Indiana to raise money to outfit the Cross Country teams at the Charles Tindley School. I’ve been the volunteer coach for all but 1 year of the school’s existence. We’ve gone from scrubs to mediocre and now it’s time to get serious.

As I looked at all of the people who played roles in Port-to-Port’s existence and my and Susie’s lives, I refocused on this bike ride. Hopefully it will be one of those small things that impacts some of my student athletes enough for them to reflect on it 20 (or 50) years from now.


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