Chew Gum for Stress Relief if You Can’t Take a Walk

Lots of research has been done to show that taking a brief walk during the day is a great way to relieve stress. Sometimes you can’t get away for that mid-day walk though. No worry, a recent study at the Swinburne University of Technology shows that chewing gum can do a lot to relieve mild to moderate stress. Gum chewers demonstrated 17 percent less anxiety under mild stress conditions and 10 percent less under moderate conditions. Moreover, their alertness increased by 19 percent under mild stress and 8 percent under moderate stress. Gum chewers also performed better on multi-tasking assignments. So there’s something to that walking and chewing gum analogy.

These improvements may not make the difference between a bad day and a day on which you go postal. You see there are no study results for intense stress. They are significant enough to keep the dog from getting kicked in the evening.

Give it a shot. See if you feel better. Try my latest favorite chew, Wrigley’s 5 Cobalt gum.


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