Sometimes I Think I Work Too Hard

Pile of Money

Other times, I’m sure of it. I just read that Apple paid $4.5 million to acquire the domain That’s amazing! It’s better than wining the lottery, and, to this day, I slap my head every time I hear about a transaction like this. I registered back in the day when Network Solutions was the only registrar and registration was FREE. It should have occurred to me that getting a jump on registering common words and phrases might some day prove lucrative. Silly me, I was busy trying to provide quality computer services to people who loved my work but seemed to hate paying for it.

Now I’m sure Xcerion, the Swedish company that had been using the domain, didn’t register it with the hope that one day Apple would want it, but what a day when they came knocking. I can’t imagine what the owners did. I’d have been looking for the hidden camera.

All is not lost for me though. I am the owner of Who knows?


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