Your Email Address Tells Something About You

email logosMy company provides outsourced IT support to small businesses in central Indiana. A major part of that support is helping our small business customers figure out what computer technology will help them and what won’t. A frequent discussion lately has been on the value of their Internet domain with respect to marketing. I see them spending big money on their websites and find that they are using gmail, or even worse, hotmail, yahoo, or aol. Well now the good people at Hunch have provided data to back me up. It appears that your email address tells¬†recipients something about you even if you didn’t use “stud-muffin” as your username.

The survey tells some interesting things about email users:

  • Gmail users are college educated; own iPhones; and are extroverted and liberal.
  • AOL users are overweight; married with children; and are optimistic extroverts.
  • Hotmail users are more pessimistic, are young, non-religious introverts.
  • Yahoo users are overweight, spiritual parents with 2 DVRs in their suburban home.

Of course, the information coming from Hunch seems really scientific because they’ve collected a lot of data (over 32,000 people in this study). The truth may be that none of this information correlates because of the way they collect the data. So a better summary may be the email address personality summary from The Oatmeal.


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