From Condiment to Health Food: Bacon is Back!

Rasher of BaconWhenever I travel, I browse thru the magazine rack at the airport for publications that I wouldn’t normally read. I do this to get exposure to other ways of thinking, and to find interesting tidbits to share with my friends. I’ve been seen on airplanes reading Guns & Ammo, Flying, Details, even Esquire and Better Homes and Gardens. On a recent trip, I picked up a copy of Men’s Journal, mostly because it had Jeff Bridges (The Dude) on the cover. I found the stories interesting and dog-eared several pages for later review.

One of those pages contained an article describing how to make your own bacon. It’s made from pig belly in case you didn’t know. An accompanying article on that page described a new study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, which I’ve never been caught reading, about bacon. The study concludes that there is nothing but a weak correlation between the ratio of saturated to polyunsaturated fats in your diet and heart disease. The conclusion from this: Bacon is good for you! Or at least not bad for you.

So now, this “meat” that became popular thru a rigged survey of doctors by a marketer who wanted to sell more eggs; and then became the single worst thing one could do to his body; and then became so common that it is treated as a condiment; is now working its way onto the list of heart-healthy foods. And some clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Give me a break!


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