Waiting again

So much of life is determined by the way we look at the things that happen to us than the actual things themselves. I’m sitting in a restaurant waiting for my lunch appointment. He’s either gotten the time wrong or completely forgotten, or maybe something came up that kept him from keeping the appointment. Whatever the case, I find myself sitting alone and wondering how long to wait before ordering.
In past times, I would be steaming about the inconsideration of someone to leave me like this. Today, I’ve enjoyed a few minutes of downtime in the middle of my day. It’s unexpectedly wonderful! That’s right. It’s not an enormous inconvenience. It’s bonus time.
I’ve caught up on some reading — I always carry so
Ethnic that I want to read with me. I got to peruse the menu and ask questions that I probably wouldn’t have taken the time to ask during a business lunch. And now I’m writing this post to share with my small piece of the world.
So the next time you get thrown a curve, no matter how large or small, take a moment to figure out how nice it might be for you.


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