Common Courtesy

Port-to-Port Consulting, my outsourced IT company, will celebrate its 20th anniversary in business next July. We started celebrating last July with a new program we call Pertingo Perks. It’s a customer appreciation program where we select an event or attraction each month and invite our customers to join us, usually for free. We invite everyone who sits in front of a computer that is supported by Port-to-Port. ¬†Typically, we get around 75 people who accept our offer. We’d like more, but we select out-of-the-way venues in an attempt to expose people to the lesser known gems of central Indiana.

What I don’t understand is why so many of those who accept our invitation don’t show up at the event. Our absentee rate is sometimes as high as 50 percent. No regrets. No apologies. No communication of any kind from those who took the effort to say they wanted to come.

Now these no-shows cost me money, and that hurts. But I had already planned to spend the money. It’s the lack of common courtesy that really bugs me. If you took the time to say you wanted to attend, then take the time to say that you changed your mind. Let us know that you aren’t coming. It doesn’t seem like that’s asking too much.


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