Foursquare: Not!

Damon Richards' Foursquare BadgesI got an email from Foursquare today telling me that I’ve just been ousted as the mayor of Kroger. Ousted is the word they chose and, for some reason, it offended me. After all, ousted sounds like I did something wrong. All I really did was stop using Foursquare. My experiment began  on September 7. It actually ended two months later on November 7 at the San Francisco airport (where Foursquare still thinks I am). I didn’t realize it was ending as I checked in at SFO. But by the time I got home from that trip I knew it was over. I knew because I had passed up the opportunity to collect the Jetsetter badge by checking in during my layover at Chicago Midway. When the motivation to collect another coveted badge wasn’t enough for me to remember to pull out my phone and click a couple of buttons, I knew it was all over.

In fact, I hadn’t even thought about Foursquare in the month since until I got this email that offended me. Ousted! I suppose the word was chosen to get me fired up to regain my title. No such luck. Never will I crave the glory of badge collecting like I did when I checked in at my fifth different Starbuck’s to earn the Barrista badge. The dopamine rush from another mayorship had already dwindled. Now I will just have to wait as others Foursquare newbies oust me from my mayorships one by one.

I really thought I’d come up with a cool use for Foursquare as I experimented. I didn’t. In fact, my foray into geo-location didn’t last as long as my stint playing with Twitter. These are cool technologies in search of a problem to solve.

Or maybe I’m just too old to understand.


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