You Have to be Crazy to be an Entrepreneur

A recent article in the New York Times provides evidence that what everyone believes about starting a business is true: You have to be crazy! The ideal entrepreneur exhibits most of the symptoms of a person suffering a hypermanic episode: elevated mood, decreased need for sleep, grandiosity, and racing thoughts that dart from subject to subject.

The line is extremely thin. A good entrepreneur is “just this side of crazy.” Otherwise, we’d listen to the advice of our friends and loved ones who tell us to keep our “good jobs” and work harder to climb the ladder. I’m reminded of the first months (years) of Port-to-Port Consulting. We worked every day (including holidays) for 10 or more hours per day. We were writing checks to the company so it could pay its bills and we were storing paychecks in a lockbox with the hope that someday we’d be able to cash them. And we were as happy as pigs in slop!

I still have those manic days when I am able to make a difference in someone’s life because of what we do. Sure it sounds crazy to say that good computer consultants change peoples’ lives, but that is my point.


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