We Need to Go on a Data Diet

Fat Guy Eating Huge Burger

According to the New York Times, the average American consumes 34 Gigabytes of data each day. That’s

more than a threefold increase over the past three decades. The consumption rate continues to climb at six percent a year. I know that I am nearing my limit, but I can’t find the strength to push away from the table.

We’re losing our ability to sit in quiet contemplation. I watch the middle schoolers that I coach in cross country. The biggest challenge for them in long distance running is the solitude. If I give them something to occupy them like a music player, or even a heart rate monitor, they go farther and faster than if they just have to run with only their mind to occupy them. I think this is a problem. My greatest ideas come to me during times of quiet contemplation. Sometimes while running or cycling, but just as often while standing in the shower or during my 15 minute meditation each morning.

How long before all of these quiet times are gone because our rate of data consumption has taken over our every waking hour? I hope it’s soon because I’m starting to become like “The Window” in Finding Forester. I’ll have to start hunting for people who want to sit around and be quiet. I know it’s coming because a new bar recently opened and their unique selling proposition is that they are a place where you can sit quietly and talk to your friends.

Let’s all go on a data diet. Cut the junk out of your daily intake, but keep reading my stuff!


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