Ebooks Have Turned the Corner

Amazon reported that in its most recent quarter, more Kindle books were sold than “real” books. It took less than 3 years from the initial release. I’m willing to bet that traditional book sales at Amazon haven’t declined by much. The drop in the price of the Kindle (and all of the free software versions for other devices) has created a new demand for books by creating a new way to consume them. My reading volume has doubled since I bought my Kindle.

In fact, here’s my suggestion for Amazon:  Don’t reduce the price any more. Give them away! That’s right. Offer up a free Kindle to anyone who joins the Amazon Ebook of the Month Club. Work it just like the old fashioned Book-of-the-Month clubs. People who are readers will start buying books and they’ll be hooked. They’ll also become locked into the Kindle format, making the switch to the next big thing more difficult. Are you listening Amazon? This idea is yours to have, free of charge.


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