Husband Not Required

My wife has been car shopping for the last couple of months. She’s far more scientific than me when it comes to this. I start looking at cars that catch my eye then go test drive the top two or three and buy the one I like the best. No Consumer Reports. No Car & Driver. No Motor Trend. Nothing. Just pick the one that catches my fancy and drives the nicest.

Susie starts her search online. She frets over the tiniest details. She test drives (usually multiple times). In the end, she has a laundry list of reasons why she made the selection she did, and she sends me in to negotiate the price because she doesn’t like to haggle.

In her latest search, she started out like usual. She narrowed her search to a few cars after systematically eliminating any vehicle I suggested to her. Then she does test drive round one. But then something went terribly wrong! She only test drove two cars in round one. Then she went back to test drive the first car a second time. Then she bought it!

That’s right. She went out for a test drive and came home with a new car. I couldn’t believe it. She’s never been impulsive about a purchase of this magnitude. As we discussed what happened, I think the salesman found a hot button that Susie didn’t realize was being pressed. You see, he told her to, “Scurry on home and get your husband so we can talk about a sale.” That pissed her off. So to prove that she didn’t need her man’s approval, she bought the car. Didn’t need me to drive it: “It’s my car, not his.” Didn’t need me to co-sign the loan: “I’m approved for WAY more than this car costs without him!” Didn’t have to haggle: “The USAA buying service says this is the number I will pay.”

I want to believe that the salesman was shrewd enough to figure out how to get her to buy. I hope she isn’t going manic and getting ready to impulse buy a lot of big ticket items without me.


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