Not Enough Down Time Left in the World

Everyone knows that I am the ultimate gadget geek. If a new device comes onto the market I find a way to get my hands on it for a little while. It usually doesn’t take long before the excitement has worn off and I’m off on a quest for the next cool thing. Such was the case when my new iPhone 4 arrived. After 20 minutes or so, it was just my phone and the thrill was gone.

It’s my lust for tech toys that causes people to be shocked when they discover that I’ve been slowly checking out of the always-on society that we live in. I’m moving toward the simpler life – the days when we were content to just sit around for hours on end doing mostly nothing. I’m tickled as I listen to the phones around me beep and chirp and sing to indicate the various pieces of incoming information. My phone has the old fashioned telephone ring for incoming calls. It does absolutely nothing to notify me of any other kind of action.

The same is true of my email client: no pop-up; no sound; no taskbar icon. On several occasions during the day, I deal with my email. In between, I do other things. The stress of always-on is wearing us all down. We need some down time. I’m finding more every day. And amazingly, I’m getting just as much done as I did when I was frantically moving from alert to alert.

My advice to you. Slow down. You may find you move faster.


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