Joe Biden’s Not Alone in Using Profanity

profanity-symbols[1] When Joe Biden got caught saying, “This is a big fucking deal” to Barack Obama after Obama signed the Health Care bill into law, the media went wild. Morning Radio DJs couldn’t stop saying, “Kick some ass” on the morning after Obama said it on national TV. If you watch a live sporting event with a group, there will inevitably be one among you who listens and lip reads for foul language. (If you can’t think of the person, it’s probably you).

Our infatuation with profanity seems to have no limits. It’s like we don’t hear (and in my case, say) these words all the time. Are we surprised that others do too? In fact, the average speaker of English uses 85 swear words per day. This is an area where I am certainly above average. Eighty percent of those expletives are covered by just 10 words. I’ll let you try to figure them out on your own.

In the past few months, I had been trying to censor my speech. As I get older, I find more profanity slips thru the verbal filters. I imagine it’s the same thing that led my grandfather to say whatever he felt about things whenever he felt like saying them. Or the reason my mother denies her use of the word shit by saying, “Oh shit, I don’t say that.” I’ve accepted it as a fact of life and now those spicy words fall where they will in my language.

Now, I don’t try to be sensational and go around dropping F-bombs all around, but when a good “Shit” is what’s called for, I’m there to deliver it.


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