I’m on the Ballot Today

American FlagToday is Primary Election Day in Indiana. We’re choosing candidates for one of our Senate seats, Congress, and several state and local offices. We’re also electing delegates to the party’s state convention. I’m on the ballot to be a Democratic delegate.

I’m there because my friend Tom McKenna is running for Secretary of State in Indiana and I want to help him win that position. Tom and I have known each other for a long time and he’s been better than a good friend to me and my family. He’s one of those people who could ask me to donate an organ and get it.

It was a strange feeling to enter the voting booth and see my name on the ballot. I haven’t run for any position since being elected senior class president in high school. Hopefully, I’ll have the same positive outcome from this. Either way, I’ll keep working to get McKenna into office. He’s the kind of person we should be electing.


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