How to Be Happy

I just finished reading Succession: Are You Ready? by Marshall Goldsmith. It wasn’t Earth shattering in its content, but it pointed out some things that one ought to think about when preparing to leave an organization. While his target was a large corporation CEO, most of the material would apply to anyone preparing to leave a job and wanting to do it in his own terms with a successor ready to take over.

After finishing, I went looking for other writings by Marshall Goldsmith. There are a lot of them. One article I came across from the December issue of BusinessWeek talks about how adults achieve happiness. The gist of the article is that happiness correlates more directly with one’s sense of meaning at work and at home. It wasn’t how many hours were spent at work or home, nor whether their work was stimulating or purposeful – the things we are usually told matter. Goldsmith’s conclusion is that adults become more happy by taking on the responsibility for finding meaning in their lives.

So go be happy, why don’t you?


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