Watching TV Can Kill You

I love the kinds of studies that researchers manage to get funded. My wife and I joke all the time about the vast amounts of government money that gets spent studying things that are Oh So Very Obvious. Here’s one that fits that category. Science Daily recently reported that people who watch more television are more likely to die from all manner of causes, particularly cardiovascular disease. Now they did go to the bother of quantifying the risk. In fact, every hour of TV per day increases your risk of death by 11 percent.

I grew up as a latch key kid before the phrase was coined, so I’m surely already dead by now. I watch so little television now that I can no longer hold my own in a water cooler conversation because I not only don’t know who the characters that get mentioned are, I’ve never even heard of the shows!

The next study should see if the effects can be reversed by reducing the number of TV hours per day. I could be one of the study participants.


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