Serendipity in our Lives

I have always believed in serendipity — that sudden and usually accidental discovery of a connection or benefit. The secret to experiencing serendipity is being open to that possibility. Serendipitous moments occur all the time but most of us miss them because we’re too busy doing what we do to notice them. They are fleeting moments.

How do you recognize more of them? Open yourself to delightful surprises. That’s right. Prepare yourself to be delighted and you’ll find yourself being delighted more often. Many serendipitous events have small long term value, but they provide an incredibly delightful moment in your day. As you become more open to these delightful moments, their impact will grow and you’ll start to have more full fledged “Ah Ha!” moments.

One way to open yourself to delight is to make small variations in the way you do routine things. We’ve all heard the advice to drive to work a different way or at a different time. The changes don’t have to be even that big. This morning I shaved with the other hand. It was incredible! Unless you’re very ambidextrous, shaving with the wrong hand can literally put your neck at risk. You pay a lot more attention to this mundane task. Paying more attention caused me to heighten my senses. I heard the razor more loudly as it scraped across my face. I felt it more closely on my cheek. A routine shave became a sensory experience that was exhilarating. And I didn’t cut myself doing it.

So open up. Let yourself be delighted. Find serendipity in your life.


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