It’s Time to Fly

A couple of summers ago, I traveled to northern Indiana to spend half a day training to jump out of an airplane. The jump didn’t last very long but it was one of the most exhilarating experiences I’ve ever had. I probably won’t ever go to the bother of parachuting again just because of the planning involved. The reason my activities include running and cycling is because I can go out my front door and do them with almost no prior planning.

However, crazy as it sounds, I’d love to try out one of these wingsuits. I’m telling you. I looked at birds differently for months after that parachute jump. You can’t imagine how awesome the experience is without having had it. There was no sensation of falling like I expected. And once the chute was open, the sense of being up high didn’t feel the same as looking over the edge of a tall building. It felt like FLYING!

The idea of flying… Let’s just say that one’s high on my list of wished-for super powers. It’s actually number two on the list, right behind psychic mind control.


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