Think Fast — It Can Make You Happy

A series of experiments conducted at Princeton and Harvard universities shows that thinking fast can make you happier. It doesn’t seem to matter what you think about as long as you think about it fast. Apparently, we’re wired to be mentally challenged. So why are so many people trying to get thru life without thinking at all?

I love having too much to do. It drives the people around me crazy. That’s because most people think you have to get all of that stuff done. Really, you just have to do what you can and be OK with that. I rarely get to the end of my to-do list. Getting there is not my goal at all. I’m more interested in growing it than shrinking it. The more on the list, the more choices available.

Now I realize there are things that I must do, and for the most part, I get those things done nearly on time. All of the other things (and there are a lot of other things) are for picking and choosing from and enjoying working on, whether they get done or not. Thinking fast about all that stuff keeps me happy.


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