I Get to Decide How I Feel

I’m sitting in a restaurant alone right now. I was invited here by an associate so he could tell me how his new employer can help me be successful. It turns out he isn’t joining me.

In earlier days, I’d be popping a gasket about this. Today I’m ordering a BBQ chicken pizza and enjoying a quiet lunch alone. How’s that for finding my center? I don’t know if it’s the result of becoming an empty nester or getting older or the cumulative impact of all those self-help pop psychology books, but my attitude toward the things that happen around me is dramatically different. It’s more Zen-like than ever before.

The beauty of it is that I’m a lot happier and the results are not much different than back in the days when my response was ranting and raving. Mind you I’m not discouraging ranting and raving. It always provided a quick hit of better feeling. I’ve just found lately that my conscious choice to be content seems better in the long term.

Perhaps some other event today will illicit the rage I used to have. If so, it will have been my choice to react that way. I’ve taken that control away from the universe.


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