The Best Phase of Child Rearing so Far

I have enjoyed every phase of raising our children. I still remember Susie and I eating and sleeping in shifts during our first few days at home with Kimberley. I got immense pleasure in seeing Alex take the field in his first soccer game, or watching Christopher ride his bike solo the first time.

All of the phases of my children growing up have seemed to be the phase I was ready for when it arrived. None has been as incredibly enjoyable as our current phase: Empty Nesters.

Don’t misunderstand me. It’s true that having the house to ourselves is nice for me and Susie, but what’s good about this phase is that we have adult children who like us, for the most part. And we like them. I no longer have the role of disciplinarian. My kids don’t need my approval to do things. It’s nice that they still ask my advice sometimes. It’s also nice that we just hang out as friends – peers – most of the time.

I realize that this probably isn’t the last phase. I’m still hoping to be a grandpa one day. I can see that my role as a grandparent will change the relationship I currently enjoy with my children. I hope I’m ready for that phase when it comes.


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