On Staying Calm

I spent thispast weekend in New York with my son. We were celebrating his 21st birthday. I flew in from Indy and be flew from DC. The weekend didn’t start very well. Alex went to the wrong airport so he missed his flight. He got on another only to have the plane return to Dulles after about a half hour in the air. Our original plan was to be at LaGuardia together by 10:00. It was after 2:30 when we finally loaded into a cab. I had spent the day in one airport while he spent it in another. Then it rained – Friday afternoon and all day Saturday.

On Sunday evening we returned to LaGuardia to head home. I gave Alex the last of my cash when we separated. He’s a starving college student afterall. When I picked up my boarding pass, it didn’t have a seat assignment. That’s right. The flight was oversold. I found myself stranded in New York with no cash.

There were times earlier in my life when these events would have had me so twisted up that my weekend would have been ruined. Not this trip. Alex and I had many more things that didn’t go as expected. We just went with the flow and enjoyed being together. The memories of bad service, overpriced food, lost reservations, and all the other crummy things will be gone long before our memories of the good time we had. Just staying calm and enjoying the good stuff makes a bigger difference. Alex and I had a blast!


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