Collaboration and Cooperation

I was interviewed by a reporter from Computer Reseller News during the Technology Fair at the Ingram Micro SMB Alliance Conference. He wanted to know how partnering with peers has helped to grow my business. I think my answer caught him a little off guard because I told him the strength of peers comes from sharing great business practices more than sharing resources.

It’s true. What my Indianapolis small business computer outsourcing company does is not proprietary. All of my peers and competitors have access to essentially the same resources. The secret is figuring out how to best apply those resources to the problems our customers encounter every day. What better way to do that than to pick the brains of others who are doing the same thing. By the same token, if we’re all trying to come up with our special spin on the resources out there, it’s difficult to work in partnership with another company. If they do things differently than we do (an almost certainty), it will create trouble for our customers.

I enjoy sharing good ideas with people who have spent considerable time thinking about them. That’s the true benefit of industry conferences. Those who take the time to attend and get involved help to move the industry forward in a more professional manner.


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