Almost Famous

SMBA DisplayI’m attending the Ingram Micro SMB Alliance Conference in Charlotte, NC this week. I had agreed to do a presentation on Online Presence Management a few months ago so I expected to see my name in the program. What a surprise when I was standing at the opening reception and I see my face flash up on the digital display! I don’t even know where the picture came from. The next thing I know, Ryan Grant, the MC of the opening ceremony tells me that he is going to mention me in his opening remarks. So the next morning I come downstairs for breakfast and find myself staring at a large poster right outside the main auditorium with, you guessed it, my picture on it.

Then Ryan puts up a giant photo of me on the screen as he proceeds to talk about Port-to-Port Consulting and our Pertingo service. From that point on, I’ve had people coming up to me saying, “You’re the poster guy.” Yes, I am the poster guy. It’s kind of weird to be so recognized by people. I don’t think I could handle being really famous. I’m giving my presentation twice this afternoon. I hope it goes well.


3 thoughts on “Almost Famous

  1. Damon,
    I teach this stuff at Grand Valley State University and I still picked up a dozen great tips! Thanks. I’m going to pass that knowledge on to my 40 students this semester.

    Bill Smith
    CompuCraft, Inc

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