Expectations Form Quickly

I’m still enjoying my Kindle more than I thought I would. I have forty books In my Save for Later queue, along with 3 I’m in the middle of reading. Since I got it, I’ve been reading 3 times as many books as before. To my wife’s amazement, I’m even reading fiction.

As I prepped for a recent trip to CompTIA Breakaway I went trolling thru my list in search of airplane reading. A strange thing happened as I did. I found myself repulsed by any book that was priced above $9.99. That was the implicit deal Amazon made with me when I shelled out for the Kindle. All of the publishers know it. Why would they violate the deal? Why are they taking advantage of me?

I told myself that this is irrational behavior. My mind understands that it’s irrational. Nonetheless, I moved past those covenant-breaking books and bought others that had the agreed upon price of $9.99. How many others like me are out there? How many sales do these publishers lose by making us have to think about the deal?


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