Make It Easy for People



The other day, I received a solicitation letter from a Not-For-Profit organization that I support. You know the type. It includes a postage paid envelope for me to send in a donation along with a letter telling me what my contribution can pay for. It also included a description of the various giving levels with the benefits to me of each level. THERE WERE THIRTEEN LEVELS! I stared at the matrix on the page with little dots in each box to indicate the benefits that seemed to change with each $50 increase in contribution. I just threw it in the trash. They made it way too hard for me to decide how much money to give them. In general, I give at one of three levels: $25 to a group that I don’t have much involvement with; $50 to a group that I have had minor involvement with; or $100 to those groups that have impacted me or someone I know. There’s also zero for those groups that I can’t figure out how they got my name. Based on my simple formula, this would have been a $100 organization. I didn’t give to them last year so they should have been an easy decision. They made it too hard so I opted out. Instead of using my simple rubric, I had to look at what benefits came with my $100. Then I’d have to look at the level above and below that. Then I’d have to consider the value of these differences. Too much work. Just threw it away.


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