Telling People Who You Are

Damon Richards

Damon Richards

I’ve just listened to three speakers talk about “Building Buzz for your Online Brand” at Techpoint’s New Economy New Rules presentation. The last speaker was Pat Coyle, a local online marketing expert. He said two things that stuck with me. First, he talked about the personal nature of social media. He said you lose the personal touch if you try to roll it up into something big, you lose the personal touch.

Pat’s comment that really hit me was when he said we need to remember that you are more than your job and you should share yourself online. I realized that’s what this blog is for. My goal is to have a forum where I can talk about things that are, for some reason, important to me. In the process, people can begin to decide if they like me or not.

Of course, there is the alterior motive of trying to get business from this opening of my soul. In the end, companies don’t buy anything, people do. All things being equal(and they usually aren’t), peopl buy from people they know and like. I certainly prefer to have staff that I like. The same holds for my customers. I want to work with people that I like and that like me too.


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