Turning Play into Work

I just finished reading Play by Stuart Brown and Christopher Vaughan. some of the best information I get from reading inxolves reminding me of things I already knew. That’s the case with this book. We all played as a natural part of our childhood, then we grew up and eschewed play. We feel that adults should be serious. No! We should not let the child inside of us wither and rot.

The reminder has been good for me. I’m enjoying my weekly golf in the Port-to-Port and Friends league. I’ve stopped fretting about my play and am  just playing. Amazingly my scores are better too. The same is true of my bike riding. Cycling was my first love. I returned to riding a couple of years ago. But I went at it like a scientist: cadence, speed, distance, time, heart rate. These things turn the fun into work. Now I just ride. I still carry the bike computer to gather that data, but I don’t sweat it while I ride.

Playing makes everything more fun. Even the stuff that doesn’t seem like it can be.


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