Sanity is a Fragile Thing

My wife and I were awakened in the middle of the night on Sunday by a loud noise coming from downstairs. We didn’t hear any further sounds so we just went back to sleep. At least we tried to go back to sleep while we lay there listening for additional noises for about an hour. In the morning, we discovered that someone had thrown a large clay pot thru our garage window, shattering the double pane glass and scattering shards all over the garage.

We cleaned it up and considered it to be a random act of vandalism. On Monday night, we were awakened again by noises from downstairs. This time we jumped out of bed and rushed downstairs to see that someone had shot out the windows next to our front door. Two nights in a row means we’re targets to us. We called the police and reported the whole thing. Who knows what will come of that.

Last night, after two nights of restless sleep, I woke at 2:00 AM in anticipation of another nightly visit. We were spared last night. Hopefully, our tormenter has moved on to terrorize someone else. As I sit here now, three days without restful sleep, I feel like I’m on the verge of insanity. I can’t hold a thought. My attention wanders. I need some rest.

I find it amazing that in only three days I went from a normal, rationally functioning individual to a mental wreck. I have enough awareness to know that I’m not functioning properly but not enough to get it together.

Tonight will be a restful night.


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