The Things I Take for Granted

The air conditioner in my office died yesterday. We spent today sitting in the dark as the temperature outside climbed past 90 and inside I to the 80s. We all made the best of it but it struck me how accustomed to A/C I have become. I grew up in a house without A/C, attended a school without it, and drove a car without it.

The thought that A/C had become so expected everywhere I go made me think about the other things I take for granted, like running water and electricity and even the Internet. I’ve become incredibly soft without knowing it.

Then the real thought hit me. I take my loved ones for granted far too often. My mother is 84 years old. I act as if she’ll always be there. I need to cherish my te with her. I love my wife dearly, and I don’t even know when I stopped doing the little things for her like opening doors and rubbing her feet at night. My fat lazy dog is that way because I don’t take time to walk her any more.

I’ve got to go say thanks to some people (and pet Gracie).


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