Cynicism Reigns

I watched a Marc Singer documentary called Dark Days yesterday. It told the story of people who lived in the subway tunnels of New York. The film profiles several of the residents amd discloses a little about how they came to be living underground, or at least how they recall having come to live underground. A large number of them were habitual crack smokers.

Toward the end of the movie armed police go into the subway to deliver eviction notices. The crew wasn’t allowed to film that part. Afterward, a homeless agency takes up the cause of the undergrounders and they reach a settlement that gets them all into rennovated Section 8 apartments.

The whole thing was interesting and, for the most part, presented objectively. My cynicism comes in the serendipitous timing of the police raid and eviction. When some of these people had lived in these tunnels for nearly two decades with no legal system intervention, it seems odd that all of this would happen just at the end of the filming. It’s like scripted reality TV.

In my world, life is crazy enough that it doesn’t need someone choreographing additional craziness. How about yours?


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