The Things We Take for Granted

I got out of the shower yesterday morning and heard noises downstairs. Susie was still sleeping and I didn’t figure there was any way that Christopher would be out of bed this early. The noise wasn’t the sound of intruders though, so I dressed and went downstairs to see what was going on. There, in the middle of the kitchen, stood Alex! He had come home from Howard a day early and was fixing a big breakfast for the whole family. It was so cool! I gave him a big hug and while I was embracing him I realized how much I appreciated him being home.

We take so much of our bounty for granted. Most of us spend our days worrying about the next thing: meeting, paper, phone call, whatever. We use so little of our time enjoying the things that really keep us going. We take the important stuff for granted while we fret over the lesser important things.

Later in the day yesterday, the entire Port-to-Port staff went to see the new Star Trek movie at a downtown theater. We’ve done this for every Star Trek opening since we started in business in 1991. This time, there was a lot of consternation about us all taking two hours in the middle of the day. What if one of our clients had a problem? The people I work with are my second family. I spend more time with many of them than I do with most of my family members. In the grand scheme, a couple of hours to catch a movie shouldn’t cause any great stress. It didn’t. We loved the movie.


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