On the Concept of Being Driven

I’m an avid listener of NPR during my drive time. My company has been a Morning Edition sponsor on WFYI for more than a decade. I served on their board for three years, and I still participate on their Community Advisory Panel. Until recently, I even did a stint in the studio during the Spring Pledge Week. That sets the stage for this: Next week is Pledge Week and I’ve stocked up on books-on-CD to get me thru my drive time. I know I’m not alone, but I feel a tinge of guilt that I avoid listening during pledge week.¬†

Anyway. For this diversionary week, I stocked up on the masters of positive self-motivation. I’ve got Denis Waitley, Brian Tracy, and of course, Anthony Robbins. I started listening early because I had everything in advance (unusual for me). Now before you think I’m a psycho cult minded cheerleader type, let me tell you that I realize that it takes hard work and dedication to be successful at anything. But having a good positive attitude about what you’re doing does seem to help too. And I love the little witicisms like “Winners are creators change while losers are creatures of change.”

The thing that struck me as I listened first to Brian Tracy’s “Thinking Big” then Denis Waitley’s “Psychology of Winning” was that these guys have gotten so caught up in being driven and goal-oriented that they’ve forgotten the pleasure of doing nothing. They don’t know how to just wander around. Every waking minute must be focused on achieving your goal or you’re falling behind. Come on, for crying out loud! That can’t be all there is to a happy, successful life. Pay attention to these guys when they tell you that you need to have a set of goals to direct you, but then go have some fun.


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