Games People Play

I love to play games. I especially love it when I’m playing with people who love to play games. Susie and I started a game company with a group of friends a few years ago. We really enjoyed testing the games by playing them at our “meetings.” We found that we weren’t really any good at selling them to other people, thus Pill Bottle Games met its demise after a few years of filing zero tax returns. We still get together and play games though, and we have some cool T-shirts with our fancy logo on them.The thing that makes a good game player is both an intense desire to win and an equally strong willingness to lose. You win boisterously but lose graciously. In either case, it’s all in good fun. Games have been integral to my life for as long as I can remember. Many of my fondest memories of my grandmother are time when she was teaching me to play some card game or other. She was cutthroat about winning. She was even willing to take a loss to keep you from winning. My whole family plays games that way. We get sufficiently miffed when we lose, but when the game playing is over, everything goes back to the way it was before the game playing started. I thought everybody did that. I realize now that they don’t.

For some people, everything is a game and it’s all about winning. If they lose, they hold a grudge that can’t be released until the crush the person who caused it in them. These people take the fun out of playing because they gloat forever if they win and they mope forever if they lose. They badmouth their teammates when they fall behind and take all the accolades when they’re in the lead.

In the end, game playing, like most things, are only as fun as the people you play with. Are you playing with the right people?


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