Disappointing Toys

Yesterday I talked about my Kindle, which is one of the coolest new toys in my collection of rather cool toys. On Saturday morning, I had what I hope was my last indoor bike ride before we’re blessed with nice weather that will let me ride on the roads for a while. Since I had been a bit negligent with my cleaning of the basement at work where I work out all winter, I decided to let the Roomba run while I rode my rollers.

This Roomba, I’ll tell you. If the Roomba Corporation turns out to be the Skynet from the Terminator movies, we don’t need to worry. I can’t imagine a less intelligent way to clean a room. Well, maybe if you had your crawling toddler drag a brush behind him you could get a poorer result. I first bought the Roomba to clean my office. It got perpetually stuck on things, no matter how hard we tried to clear a path for it. So I took it to the basement where I thought it would be able to handle a giant square room filled with large exercise equipment. It’s been running down there all winter, but I usually set it to run and come back the next day. This time, I was there to watch it. Boy was I disappointed. This thing ran for well over half an hour and still missed some parts of the room completely.

I’ll keep it, and I guess the big square room in the basement is the best place for it. I can’t recommend that anyone else get one. I’m willing to bet a lot of people own them but have just stuck them in a closet or garage to wait until a proper amount of time has passed before putting it in the neigborhood garage sale.


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