Damon’s Toys

Whenever I travel, I “reward” myself for having to be away from home by purchasing something that I’ve been
considering for a while but have been unable to convince myself of the expense. This started when Susie and I vacationed in Hawaii. She convinced me to splurge on a nice pair of sunglasses since it came from our vacation budget, it was already spent money anyway. Those were the best sunglasses I ever owned. In fact, I still have them. They are quite a bit out of style now, but I’ll hang on to them until the style comes back, which could be soon since a lot of other 80s things are returning.

My reward for my recent trip to Vegas was an Amazon Kindle. I’ve played with most of the electronic book readers that have come on the market, including the readers on Palms and the iPhone. The Kindle 2 is the best I”ve tried. It still has some things

Kindle 2

that would make it better, but it is the first device that disappears as you go along. I forget that I’m using the device. I’m just reading. That’s the way it’s supposed to be, but there’s more. The Kindle lets me copy passages instead of having to highlight them. It has a dictionary that gives me definitions right as I come across the word I don’t know. The best part is that whenever I come across a reference to another book, I can very likely purchase it on the spot. This feature means that Amazon will make a lot more money from me since the kinds of books I tend to read often reference others.

In fact, I think Amazon ought to give these things away in exchange for some commitment to purchase books regularly — like a Book-of-the-Month Club. At my regular rate, it will take about two years for me to recoup my purchase price. I’m guessing I’ll recoup sooner since the books are much easier to buy.


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