Pie Day

Today is Pie Day! Only math geeks really appreciate it. I was a math minor in college. Pi starts with 3.14. Today is 3/14. I probably didn’t have to give that much explanation but just in case your wheels are turning slower on Saturday.

I’m a big fan of holidays that are just fun rather than just commercial (Valentine’s Day) or over-the-top (Christmas, Halloween). I will celebrate Pie Day by taking an apple pie to the card party I’m attending this evening. It will generate some fun conversation about both math and lesser-known holidays like Flag Day (June 14) or Talk Like A Pirate Day (September 19).

After that, we’ll get in with the business of trash talking about our Euchre skills before the table tells the tale of who is the best ( or luckiest) this night. But watch out. I will have created one or two more Pie Day celebrants for next year. Please don’t let the folks at Marie Calendar or Mrs Smith’s in on it or another holiday will surely get ruined.


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