Finding People You Didn’t Know You Lost

I have had a Facebook account for more than a year. I know that doesn’t seem like a very long time, but most of my contemporaries have had one for less time. I also have a LinkedIn account, and an account on SmallerIndiana. That’s the limit on my true social networking activity. I have accounts on several others but I don’t use them for anything except accepting friend requests from others.

Anyway, I’ve found that my Facebook and LinkedIn accounts have created a situation where I’m being found by people that I didn’t realize had lost me. It’s a strange experience to get a note from someone who you haven’t heard from in years. It’s also great to have people my own age as friends because I was starting to wonder how long it would be before the Feds starting investigating me as a pedophile since the average age of m friends was about 16. All of my friends kids were first to find me on Facebook and they friended me so they could tell their parents how much cooler I am than they are, but I digress…

I have been found by people from high school, college, and even some from the neighborhood I grew up in. Some have been names I had hoped to never hear again. Each and every one has been a joy to reconnect with. Were it not for the Internet, I might have never been reconnected with some people who have provided some great perspective on growing up.


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