Abandoning Privacy

I got a letter from my credit card company the other day informing me that my credit card account may have been compromised by one of the vendors with which I had done business. In order to protect me, they had cancelled my card and were issuing me a new one. The letter didn’t say which vendor may have compromised my credit card data. It didn’t ask me if I wanted them to issue a new card. They just did it. Now I have to figure out all of the places where that card is used for automated payments like Netflix, Vonage, iTunes, Amazon, and so forth.

In an attempt to provide  a convenience, my bank has really caused me a great deal of grief. After doing a little digging, this was their response to a general announcement from Heartland Payment Systems about a data breach. They don’t give an explanation of the size of the breach so I can’t determine if my bank is being prudent or paranoid. I lean toward the paranoid. I decided that I can now abandon any concern for my data privacy because others have taken responsibility for it. Now I can relax just like I do when I get into the airport terminal. Professionals are responsible for my safety and security.

I’m willing to bet that no one was ever going to attempt a fraudulent transaction with my credit card. I would have taken that bet if my bank had allowed me to. Now I’ll have to wait for all of the letters and emails from companies that can no longer hit my card for their regular fix of my money. It’s the easier way for me to find them all.

Are we all so self-centered that we believe we’re the target of some grand conspiracy? I’m thinking that a guy who wants my personal data can’t be too very bright to begin with. I’m now considering buying a ShotCode and adding it to all of my clothes so people can find out about me more easily.


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