Catching Up

I had breakfast with my friend Tom McKenna last Friday. I had not seen him in a fee years. It was fantastic catching up with him. He told me of his escapades in Ohio and about his grandchildren. I told him about my family and gave an update on my business. We had a great human experience.

The next day, I attended the first meeting since May of the Indiana Post Adoption Network. We spent a couple of hours telling one another about our successes over the past seven months. We also talked about the issues we are facing right now. Again, a great, albeit different, human experience.

Then on Sunday I watched the Super Bowl with several of my fraternity brothers and their wives. We spent time catching up on things and made commitments to keep in touch better now that most of us are nearing the empty nest stage of life. What a human experience that was!

Three different experiences over three days. I didn’t connect them until I was told this morning by a customer I’ve been working with for months that he doesn’t intend to go forward with us. The news came as a surprise. Without the energy of having spent so much time with people that I love, this would have made me forlorn. Now I just file it away. This is NOT a human experience.


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