Most People Know How to be Good

Indianapolis experienced the biggest snow storm in 13 years. It started yesterday afternoon and continued until early afternoon today. I drive a Chrysler Crossfire. If you don’t know what they look like, suffice it to say the Crossfire is NOT a snow vehicle: rear wheel drive, low profile tires, extremely low clearance. Nonetheless, after spending an hour shoveling my driveway I set out to get to my office where I could start shoveling the parking lot before my staff came rolling in. We’ll get to why I shovel the parking lot some other time.

I carefully planned my route downtown to take advantage of the streets that would be most used and most plowed. It worked as I expected until I tried to make a left turn on 16th Street. The slush in the intersection was too much for the Crossfire so I found myself sitting in the very middle of the intersection, unable to go forward or backward as the stoplight cycled and cars moved warily past me on all sides. I finally abandoned the idea of turning at this intersection and managed to get myself re-pointed south on Martin Luther King and continued on. I tried the left turn thing again at 10th Street with the same result. This time I commited to making it work and once again found myself in the very middle of the intersection as cars moved warily by on all sides. This time a guy in a BIG truck pulled up beside me and asked if I’d like for him to pull me thru the intersection. How nice of him! As he got ready to pull me, I found that I was making good progress so I thanked him and told him I could do it without his help. He seemed almost disappointed that he wasn’t going to get to help me.

I finally got within a block of my office when the big stuck happened. I tried to navigate a side street and didn’t make it 25 feet past the intersection. Along came another guy who offered to help. He worked with me for nearly a half hour to get my car unstuck. These guys were so helpful without expecting anything in return that I got my car parked and came back to help the lady who was trying to dig out from a parking space near where I had been stuck.

Sometimes we realize how good the people around us really are.


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