I was reading something recently that referenced Seth Godin’s Purple Cow book. I jumped over to the Indianapolis Marion County Public Library website to put the book on reserve. I discovered that Mr. Godin has been quite prolific in his publishing. And many of his books were on CD with him doing the reading. I put them all on reserve. As they came in, I listened in the car. I have been Godin-ized. I have experienced a Seth-fest to the nth degree! Seth poured the Kool Aid and I drank it.

As I plowed thru his books in the order in which they showed up on reserve, I started thinking that this guy has had a couple of really good ideas and has built an empire around them. I listened to Meatball Sundae, Small is the New Big, The Big Moo, Unleashing the Idea Virus, and, finally, Purple Cow, I realized that I need to start reading more fiction. Don’t get me wrong. I like Godin’s message. I think he’s spot on about changing the way business is conducted; about doing things that will make you stick out like a purple cow. I just don’t think he has enough information to fill the incredible number of books he’s put onto the bestseller list.

But I’m still waiting my turn to read Tribe.


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