Slowing Down

This is the time of year when many of us are thinking about the future. Lots of us have recently made resolutions to be different. Some of us have already abandoned those resolutions. I am no fan of New Year’s resolutions. I’m not generally a fan of resolutions at all. They are just “I intend to” statements. Rather than make the statement, just do it.

I spend my days going full speed. Sometimes I’m not happy if I don’t have conflicting appointments from which to choose. But my psyche has a way of letting me know when I need to slow down. It happens when I suddenly realize that I’ve spent the last hour on a single mindless task. I used to panic when that realization sank in. Now I just smile.

Slowing down is good for us sometimes. You ought to try it for a while today. Take a break from everything and do…NOTHING. Start out easy. Do nothing for a minute or two. When you finish doing nothing, smile. Make that the first thing you do before you get started again. Take a couple of minutes tomorrow too. Work your way up to a good 10 or 15 minutes of doing nothing each day. With a span of time that big, you can do something with your nothing if you must, but make it a mindless something.

These little slow downs will carry you thru the rest of your crazy day. And the rest of your crazy day is important. The pauses give your brain time to catch up with you. I find myself to be a lot more efffective since inserting a few nothings into each day.


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