Slowing Down

I’m reading Brenda Ueland’s book, “If You Want To Write” over the holidays. I’ve always thought there were a couple of good books (and quite a few bad ones) in me just waiting to get out. I did some research last Spring and decided that I’d set out to start on one or two of them. Then life did what it does and I put all of that away. During these last few days of the year when people turn their thoughts to other things, I have time to catch up, so I started reading this book which is purported to be the best book about writing ever written. So far, I’m about half way thru it and it might just be the best book. Ueland lived to be 93 years old and earned her living as a writer for most of those years. She has a perspective on writing that speaks to my view on life in general. Essentially, she says to just relax and let it happen.

Those who know me well know that just sitting and relaxing is one of my biggest challenges. I need to be doing something even if it’s completely unproductive. I took up Tai Chi because I had given up on the idea that I could ever just sit and meditate. Interestingly, like Ueland’s suggestions on writing, the Tai Chi made it possible for me to sit and meditate. Next I’ll have to sit so I can write. Even if I don’t ever get anything written, I’ll try to enjoy the sit.


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